A tutu here, a tap shoe there, all dance studios are kind of the same, right?


TBPA was established in 2019 by Creative Director Yana Dwyer with the vision of creating a dance and performing arts studio that nurtures and supports students wishing to explore the performing arts in a safe and encouraging environment.


We have fast become known as a studio that is truly invested in seeing our students develop strong life skills through dance. We have established a community of parents and students who value connection and have a common goal of teamwork, friendship and good times.




TBPA’s unique approach to training focuses on building strong foundations in all classes which creates dancers who are versatile and trained for longevity. We believe that strong foundations are the framework for a long and successful dance journey as well as allowing students the freedom to express themselves artistically.


We encourage students to work hard on their craft and to cultivate meaningful, joyous connections with others so that they can draw on these to build artistic integrity in their performances.



In this fast paced world, students are craving mentorship and guidance. We feel that a dance studio is a place where students can form meaningful connections with their peers and teachers without the interruption of digital technology.


Our team is truly passionate about equipping our students with the tools to help navigate the real world and aim to include in every class the practices of discipline, hard work, mindfulness, kindness, non judgment and self love.


By equipping our students with these tools we give them the opportunity to grow as humans and become members who serve the community through their art and life skills.


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Our vision is to empower the next generation of dancers by equipping them with, not only the tools to succeed as amazing artists but as amazing human beings. We want our dancers to look back on their time at TBPA as an experience that shaped their life for the better, creating unforgettable moments & the fondest of memories.


Our mission is to help dancers strive for excellence through strong foundations in technique, and artistry. We are passionate about creating an environment that is positive, nurturing & encouraging and work hard to guide students to be the best they can and find each individual dancer's strengths & abilities. While not every dancer will make dance their career, it is our mission to create well- rounded dancers whose focus is on positive body image, healthy mind and body and creating a balanced dance lifestyle


Through our holistic approach to performing arts education we empower our students to have the courage to pursue their passions with joy and purpose. At The Base Performing Arts we believe that our students not only require skills in the industry but our team also value the importance of nurturing the individual to ensure they leave not only with the tools for a successful career but an invaluable collection of unforgettable experiences and precious memories to last a lifetime.