In our Mini classes, our focus is placed on continuous development & strengthening of the fundamentals as well as starting to explore the more complicated movements of various styles and skills. Students are encouraged to develop coordination, musicality, self-expression and social interaction within a structured and disciplined environment. Students will start to experiment with individual style and choreography.



In jazz class, our Minis start to build on the already established fundamentals of jazz technique including turns, kicks and leaps. Strong foundations in flexibility, strength and coordination are built upon and all the physical benefits of jazz start to show. Most of all, jazz is a whole lot of fun, grooving and dancing to some of your favourite songs! 





Ballet is our most important and challenging style that requires discipline, strength, balance & grace. Students at TBPA train through the CSTD ballet syllabus which teaches the students through exercises that are designed to encourage a strong sense of posture, alignment, agility and poise. In these classes, our Juniors will start to build and develop the foundations needed to pursue a sustainable dance journey in classical ballet. Due to the demanding nature of classical ballet, students are encouraged to take two classes per week.





Tap is one of the most enjoyable dance styles, where students get to make a lot of noise! Tap is rhythmical and increases coordination of the body and helps to develop a sense of timing and expression. Our Minis are taught the CSTD tap syllabus. This dynamic syllabus is structured to teach the foundations of tap with an emphasis on modern styles whilst highlighting a strong connection to old school styles as well.