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Jazz is an energetic and fun class where students learn technical elements such as turns, kicks and leaps as well as combination work all set to modern music. Students will learn the correct way to warm up their bodies, stretch safely and strengthen the bodies all in preparation for some seriously smooth moves. Flexibility, strength and coordination are some of the benefits of training in jazz.


Ballet is the most important class of a dancers week. It is a challenging display of poise and grace and requires discipline, strength, balance and agility. Students that train in ballet are taught the correct ways to execute classical ballet steps and are encouraged to have self-discipline of the body and mind. Not only is classical important in its own right, but it also prepares dancers for the challenges of jazz and other classically based styles such as contemporary and lyrical.



Tap is one of the most enjoyable dance styles, where students get to make a lot of noise! Tap is rhythmical and increases coordination of the body and helps to develop a sense of timing and expression.



Musical Theatre offers students the chance to become triple threats! Combining acting, singing and dancing, Musical Theatre encourages confidence, creativity, empathy and teamwork- skills that are perfect for the stage and in life! In these classes, we develop singing technique, learn about self-expression, use dance for storytelling and create Musical Theatre pieces for performances.


A class geared specifically to capture the energy and enthusiasm that is boundless in boys. Imagery is a core component to engaging them in exploring movement to music – Male instructors.


Funk dancing is the perfect fusion of styles, incorporating jazz roots into a melting pot of hip hop, break, popping and locking, along with other fashionable dance genres.


Acrobatic classes offer a fun and inspiring way to move. Students start with fundamentals and work their way up to more advanced skills. Students will develop excellent gross motor skills and core strength along with impressive flexibility. All activities are done in a safe and progressive manner with an emphasis on strength and body posturing to ensure each individual is capable of the skills they’re being taught.