Recreational classes



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The Base Performing Arts ‘Dance Club’ is for dancers aged 6-17 years who are looking for a recreational dance training experience.

This is the perfect training ground for beginner to intermediate dancers looking to dance in a positive, fun and supportive environment while still fostering a strong sense of discipline.

Students will be provided high-quality training without the additional commitments required in our intensive dance streams.

We aim to make all of our Dance Club classes full of energy and fun.



Dance classes for 8-10yrs
  • Jazz • Tap • Ballet • Acrobatics • Musical Theatre

  •  Hip Hop

In our Junior classes, our focus is placed on continuous development & strengthening of the fundamentals as well as starting to explore the more complicated movements of various styles and skills. Students are encouraged to develop coordination, musicality, self-expression and social interaction within a structured and disciplined environment. Students will start to experiment with individual style and choreography.

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Jazz • Tap • Ballet • Acrobatics • Musical Theatre

Dance classes for 11-12yrs
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Dance classes for 13yrs+

Jazz • Contemporary/ Lyrical

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